What We Do

Is a Picture WORTH a Thousand WORDS??? In today’s Business environment—It Does NOT! Today your Business…Not only needs Pictures...Videos, etc...You Need COPYWRITING AND A CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY that’s inspiring, entertaining, educational, persuasive, and MUCH MORE... THAT’S where we COME in… We’re 3BeCOM, a Copywriting and Content marketing agency in Los Angeles… Our PASSION IS WRITING!!! Writing words that persuades your Prospects... Visitors... Customers... to take ACTION!!! We take BORING words and fuse IT with emotions that breathe LIFE into YOUR BRAND VOICE… WHAT WE DO AGAIN... Imagine...Having a band of GREAT writers at your disposal ready to craft BRILLIANT content whenever you need it to turn your PROSPECTS INTO CUSTOMERS AND THEN INTO RAVING FANS... YOU NOW CAN HAVE IT!!! 3BeCOM offers...YOU... creative, content for your website, promotional tweets & social updates, newsletters, email autoresponders, and so much more...

Why We Do It

YOU ONLYit’sE SECONDS to impress a visitor when they land on your site—So YOU BETTER MAKE IT COUNT...We believe GREAT CONTENT IS one of the best ways to do that... AND it’s the ONE OF THE MOST TRUSTED CURRENCY’S that search engines USE TODAY TO rate your company AND website... A SITE that engages and inspires readers to stay longer and keep coming back for MORE RANKS higher, CREATES more buzz, MAKES THE MOST MONEY!!! As—an agency that’s focused on RESULTS—We UNDERSTAND that better than anyone. WE understand to drive business GROWTH; you need to combine knowledge, ideas, skills, strategy, resources, technology, but more importantly, a great team—that’s where we come in!

Who we are

WE LOVE WRITING—especially... PERSUASIVE WRITING... We manage Content marketing, Websites & Landing Pages, Keyword Research, SEO Copywriting, Autoresponders, Social Media Strategy & Management... AND MUCH MORE BASICALLY... ANYTHING TO DO WITH WRITING for you and your TEAM... We manage your copywriting and social media marketing strategy with great social campaigns, fully managed by our team at great monthly rates.

We work across a variety of PLATFORMS, i.e., websites, landing pages, email, social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Plus, etc. to MAKE SURE YOU AND YOUR BRAND GET maximum VISIBILITY ON THE INTERNET... Our skilled COPYWRITERS manage your social media marketing campaigns, schedule content, and manage your brand’s online reputation. FOR MORE information, please fill out a CONTACT FORM and someone will contact you.


Financial Copywriting, SEO and Content Marketing Strategy


Copywriting & Videographer/Video Editing


B2C Copywriting


B2B Copywriting

Video Marketing

One of the most successful ways to market YOUR BRAND today is to PRODUCE video content FOR customers and or potential customers of your product or services... It’s also a perfect way to create interest in your brand via Social Media, Blogs, YOUR Website, etc. In today’s marketing environment, customers trust websites that have videos and are more likely to become loyal paying customers. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in the right direction to begin utilizing the power of video marketing. We will create a professional motion video that will promote your product or services to your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS...

Sales Strategy

We help support YOU by identifying WHAT you should offer, WHO your target customers are, WHY customers should buy from you, and How businesses should promote and distribute YOUR products and services...

We focus on the essentials of the sales PROCESS and work with YOU as a part of YOUR sales team. We provide sales TRAINING services designed to support your sales in specific areas i.e., selection and evaluation of target markets, segments and customers, market entry planning and sales strategy, new business development, new channel strategies, sales process description. And Much More...

Social Media and Reputation Marketing

We work with you to help you genuinely engage in Social Media to maximize the full functionality of these platforms. We also provide a strategy and structure to govern everyday activities of your Social Media efforts and tie your bottom line to your business objective(s).

Also, we help YOU better leverage and strategically utilize social media for a variety of objectives, including... Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Business Development, Crisis Management, and Reputation Marketing.

Marketing Strategy

We help you achieve enduring, demand-driven growth through brand building, marketing, and innovation. Whether we develop a marketing strategy for your B2B or B2C launch... we use sound analytics, insights, and critical reasoning. Our marketing strategy includes: segmentation and target selection, value proposition, go to market strategy, and customer experience. The result is a marketing strategy that both excite customers and delivers enduring profitable growth for you and your company.

How we work

1Before working with YOU...And starting an assignment, we ASK you a series of questions and gather a large amount of information through thorough research from your existing customers, past customers, prospects, and previous potential customers that didn't do business with you to determine what's the best course of action to take... We conduct a thorough business analysis to identify your Ideal Customer(s), their pain points or problems, and how to position your brand, product, or services in a way that solves their problem.

2 Once we help you identify your customer's persona or personas, we employ the inbound methodology to ATTRACT... CONVERT... CLOSE... and DELIGHT turning your prospects (strangers) into CUSTOMERS... We help you do that by attracting them to your site by utilizing various tools of content marketing. Tools such as blogs, videos, case studies, interactive tools, photos/infographics, and eBooks/presentations. We also optimize your website using SEO, PPC, etc., and we distribute your content through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

3The third step AND the most important is that we help you maximize your brand and company potential by positioning you as a THOUGHT—LEADER (expert)... By educating your personas/core customers via blogs, video, case studies, etc. Optimizing your website and social media so you can GROW your customer base and turn them into RAVING—FANS... And grow your audience. This process is conducted in 3 stages of the BUYERS JOURNEY Awareness... Consideration... And the Decision stage.

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