Sales Strategy

We help support individual businesses increase sales performance by identifying what they should offer, who their target customers are, why customers should buy from them and how businesses should promote and distribute their products and services. With our years of experience selling to Fortune 100 companies like Wal-mart, Disney, Viacom, Wholefoods, Target & many more our core competence includes planning, managing and executing sales and business development. We focus on the essential in sales consulting and work with businesses as a part of the sales team. We provide sales consultancy services designed to support your B2B complex sales environment in the following areas: 1)Selection and evaluation of target markets, 2)segments and customers, 3) market entry planning and sales strategy, 4) new business development, 5) new channel strategies, 6) sales process description, 7) optimization and control, 8) Key account management, 9) Sales training & coaching, 10) B2B sales lead generation, 11) B2B sales lead nurturing, 12) Restructuring the sales organization, 13) Recruiting, selecting and developing of sales force, 14) CRM process design and support, 15) Benefits and added value of the company, 16) Improve sales force performance, 17) Get a clear overview of the customer’s needs and their decision process, and 18) Improve the sales pipeline forecast and increase revenue by getting more qualified opportunities.
“3BeCOM has been great in helping us develop a marketing strategy to help us improve our sales processes. We’ve already seen ROI and increase of 200% in leads in 2 months. Partnering with them has been one of the smartest decisions we’ve made.”Hector Guizar Owner and CEO of MRC
Hector Guizar CEO of MRC