Copywriting Sample: Time is running out…for endless ‘Tapas’ at the Commonwealth!!!

Copywriting Sample:

Time is running out…for endless ‘Tapas’ at the Commonwealth!!!

Join me for a birthday bash on an evening of ‘sample’ platters, with the highest quality in presentation and taste before it’s too late…


Dear Tom,

All I can say is WOW! This place is amazing when it comes to food and drinks! It’s a very small globally inspired American fusion restaurant and you probably wouldn’t notice driving down the street.

You’ve been pondering a flight back to L.A. for some time, NOW here is your CHANCE!!

Leave the drudgery of the cold, dark, and wet Minnesota winter….And join me in the city of angels near the Pacific Ocean for your birthday celebration!

IMAGINE…….. You fly in at the Burbank Airport the least crowded Airport in all of Southern California (which means you’ll avoid all that LA traffic) you step off the plane as the sun stands high in the heavens, shining down brightly from the clear sky and pours its rays on your skin, you pinch yourself just to make sure you’re not dreaming…you take a deep breath and there is a smell of Pine in the air, savor the moment………You’re here!!!!

The cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean sweeps through the basin, ventilating the air, raising the temperature ever so slightly just above 78 degrees…perfect weather…not too hot…And not too cold…. just the way you like it………You instantly feel that the laid back vibe only L.A. offers….you instantly feel relaxed.

Fast-forward, minutes later…you’re at the curb and I roll up in my drop down convertible, the one I’ve been telling you about… And just before you get in, you look around, people everywhere enjoying the California sun as they walk around in yoga pants, tank tops, shorts and t-shirts.…..NOW THAT’S QUINTESSENTIAL L.A.

We drive and if by magic we’re instantly at the restaurant…..That’s because the restaurant is only 2 miles away……you realize NO traffic? but that’s why this place is so perfect; it’s only a few minutes away from the airport.

This is the Commonwealth……..this is the neighborhood favorite in Burbank – with an inventive, globally inspired American small-plates menu and insightful wine pairings from a helpful staff; an intimate setting jazzed up with exposed brick and reclaimed wood further fuel locals’ hopes that it remains a never-noticed hidden jewel.

this restaurant is as good as they come – It’s located outside of the busy hub of Downtown Burbank several blocks away from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, the restaurant is small with only street parking, but it’s worth the walk!

Although a bit pricey the food is delicious! The servers and management are very attentive. And everything is served on a “small plate/tapas” you’ll be able to order different items from the menu so we can share….Just like we did back in college…BUT this is not cafeteria food!!

You can order lamb chops, lobster cake, octopus, fried chicken, pork belly and caramel dessert. The pork belly and Octopus is a must TRY and very flavorful! The lamb chops come with 4 pieces cooked perfectly it’s juicy and tender! The lobster cake comes with four pieces as well and with real lobsters on top!! The caramel dessert is amazing…it comes with bacon sprinkled on it!


You can order Grilled Octopus and Brussels with Thai Vinaigrette, Fresh Mint, and Chili……….

The octopus is prepared perfectly with intriguing tangy and delightful flavors that make you want to order a full entrée sized serving.

Smoked Pork Belly with Parmesan Grits, Maple Collards, Poblano Chili, and Quail Eggs. The smoky flavor is prominent but not overbearing. The quail eggs are a perfect addition in size and texture.

Fried Chicken with Salt & Pepper, Cumin, and Maple Dijon is some of the BEST fried chicken you’ll EVER have. The maple Dijon has just the right amount of sweet and zing to compliment this dish of perfection.

Maine Lobster and Truffle Croquettes with Black Truffle, Lemon Beurre Blanc, and Caviar. The lobster is incredible and croquettes is FANTASTIC!!

Rainbow Beets and Orange Salad with Avocado, Candied Hazelnuts, and Cranberry Beet Puree. I know you’re a HUGE fan of beets. So you’ll love this great dish. All of the flavors enhanced the natural earthiness of the beets.


For dessert….The Commonwealth Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream comes with 100% Canadian Maple Syrup, Nueske Bacon, and Blue Cheese mascarpone Mousse. They have very unique ice cream flavors – like the garlic ice cream at Stinking Rose. This sundae includes prominent bacon and maple flavors throughout. You’ll be so pleased to discover how amazingly well the blue cheese mascarpone mousse pairs with this combination. You’ll want go back for just the dessert.

Everything is FRESH, HOT, and DELICIOUS!!!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the 573 reviews about The Commonwealth….on Yelp with an average of 4.5 stars

“I was pleasantly surprised by Commonwealth. The restaurant isn’t very big and the tables fill up so make sure that you have a reservation. They do have a few bar seating but I wouldn’t try my luck especially on a weekend.

My favorite dishes of the night are the mussels and the cauliflower salad. The mussels had an Asian fusion flare with really deep rich flavors. I love mussels and the mussels at Commonwealth definitely makes the top 5 I have ever had. It’s definitely a must try.”

Natalie K – Sherman Oaks

“I have been here twice now and both times were home runs! Everything on the menu is delicious and loaded with flavor!

This place excites me to venture out and eat things I wouldn’t typically eat since I know it’s going to be great! The wine list is quite big and they have a lot of great options. (Beer and wine only served here)”

Kendal W. – Porter Ranch

“Wow what an amazing place to dine at, tapas at its finest!  Now if you’re not from the area this place is not for the faint of heart as it is really hard to find this establishment as it is somewhat hidden.  In fact, no parking lot for this place you must park along the street, nearby neighborhoods, or like we did at the mechanic shop across the street which allows Commonwealth patrons to use their parking lot.”

Jennifer R. – Los Angeles

My fave go-to place! Consistently excellent food and the friendly professional service keeps us coming back. Love the pork belly, the beet salad, and the Brussels sprouts. Looking forward to trying more!

Corina D. – Canmore, Canada

No pressure but I called in a favor from an old friend who knows the executive chefs Ryan and Mario personally to make a reservation for your birthday, so you can’t back out now….If you haven’t booked your flight? BOOK IT NOW!! And besides this will be the best place I’ve ever taken you, hands down!!! So give me a call ASAP to let me know what time your flight arrives.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget to bring your palate and your appetite, you’ll need them both.

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